How it all started

How did this all come about? 8 years ago, I underwent an operation, which sadly didn’t quite go to plan. The long-shot was I suffered from severe back problems which meant I had to stop working.

For over 20 years I was a breeder of working cocker spaniels and made many friends in the doggy world. To provide myself with some sort of income I started to produce home-made dog treats, which was a great success. However, being me, I thought it would be nice if I could personalise these as requested from several customers.

OK – How?  Well, there are numerous recipes on the internet. But all involved fresh ingredients that made it necessary to store in the fridge with a very short shelf life and often all soft and gooey, though I don’t think our K9 friends minded. But it made it very difficult to post on to customers without ‘in transit’ damage.

The journey had begun. I was certain there had to be a formula to produce a Dog Friendly icing using natural sugar free products that would once decorated onto cakes/treats set hard and last for some time, avoiding the ‘in transit’ crushed disasters.

Eventually after six months and turning my kitchen into some ‘mad professor’s’ laboratory the problem was solved, K9 Cakery’s Sugar Free Dog Friendly Icing was developed.

Now supplying companies throughout the UK. I’m staying true to my ethos of not supplying large dog treat manufacturers who believe it’s OK to add unknown preservatives and additives just to bulk up and make more profit.

My formula has never changed, but I have discovered over the years many ways the icing can be used and applied. Please visit ‘How To Use’.

Thank you for taking the time to visit K9Cakery & Happy Baking.