Are the ingredients safe for my pet to consume?
We have been advised by veterinarians that the icing is completely Dog Friendly and safe using only human grade ingredients with no preservatives or additives. However only to be given as a treat.

How can I make swirls?
Swap the water with cream cheese or fresh yogurt (note that these will need to be stored in the fridge and used according to the sell by dates on the cheese or yoghurt). Or as an alternative once mixed to a stiff blend with water add a little melted coconut oil.

What’s the best way to store decorated biscuits?
Don’t use anything air-tight or plastic as they will need to breathe, lightly sealed cello bags, cardboard or paper bags are perfect; can also be frozen.

I am finding when I mix the icing I can getting lots of little air bubbles!
Use a spatula and gently blend the icing, don’t whip. Once mixed leave for approx. 15 mins before applying.

Can you tell me how much water to add?
Unfortunately, this all depends on how much icing & the consistency you require, start by adding a small amount of water and increase as needed. (Treat the icing as you would normal sugar icing)

Do you offer any discount for trade/bulk purchases?
Yes, please email us for more information.